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The step dad is a pretty common thing within the American Family, and possibly the world.

Whether it be the 50% divorce rate, dead beat dads bailing on their kids, or God just calling dad home early, there's never been more stepdad's than there are today.

It's not easy being a stepdad. In fact, it can be one of the hardest roles a man can take. Unlike biological dads, step dads are not often there from the beginning, but rather, pick up somewhere in the middle. Sometimes they're accepted, sometimes they're not. Unless the step dad has biological children of his own, he goes from single to fatherhood overnight. Sometimes stepdad becomes the bonus dad, and sometimes Stepdad becomes the dad that stepped up when the biological dad stepped down.

Biological dads don't get to choose their children, but step dads do. They not only fall in love with the woman of their dreams, but they fall in love with the kids too.

Sometimes a step dad has biological children. This is especially hard, because often there is insecurity with the children. The biological children feel like they're being replaced and the stepchildren feel like they will never measure up and be just as important as the biological children.

For this reason, Step dad has to make all the children feel loved, needed, and equally as important.

That's why it takes a special man to be a stepdad. To honor these special men, we have created this awesome step dad t shirts collection. They are all unique designs with popular step dad t shirts slogans. Such as, not the step dad but the bonus dad, I'm not the step dad I'm just the dad that stepped up, I have 2 titles dad and step dad and I rock them both, plus many more! These awesome stepdad t shirts make awesome step dad fathers day gifts.

So if you're looking for step dad fathers day gift ideas, bonus dad gifts, or just gifts for stepfathers,
show step dad how much you love and appreciate him by getting him one of these awesome step dad shirts today!

We also have stepdad hoodies, step dad sweatshirt, step dad long sleeve shirt, tank tops for step dads, and step dad coffee mugs.

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